Sunday, February 25, 2007

A lazy Sunday - the day when 66 percent of Jews get married

Yes, this is true - 66 percent of jews get married on Sundays, most other faiths on Saturdays while Friday afternoons are becoming more popular. Mondays have the highest suicide rate and never go for a job interview on Mondays (be the last person interviewed - 56 percent of last people interviewed get the job versus 17 percent of first interviewees), Tuesdays are the most productive, but the worst days if you are in IT (all the super productive people fuck up there computers in there quest to get something done..) and Wednesday is the best day to go on a first date (Saturday for the second date) and to end a sale on eBay - you make the most cash. Thursday is the worst day to get admitted into hospital - you end up staying longer and the best day to launch a book (people don't mind getting trashed at launch parties as it is Friday the next day) and Friday is the worst day to be on the road, the best day to fire someone and statistically the 13th falls on a Friday more than any other day... And Sunday is the best day to do supermarket shopping with the shelves being the most full! Sorry, a bit of rambling but thought you all should know when to launch your autobiographies when you are rich and famous!

This bit of Sunday reading was followed by a delicious brunch at Dench and supreme coffee. I really love this store, even though it is a bakery and I am gluten free-bee (still everythig looks really pretty and yummy) and Mr "Dench" as I have christened him reminds me of Mr Frank at the Savoy, except that he wears braces instead of a bowtie. Ram and I have become weekend regulars and the day doesn't start without a latte from Dench.

Yesterday I met a really nice tram driver - most of them are rather strange, which is to be expected considering the fact that they drive the same route continuously for hours on end, are couped up in a small space and have to listen to the constant inate chattering of commuters. There is one particularily strange driver who is a short Asian man, who mutters to himself, has phyiscal fights with the tram doors, yet often tries to trap people in them, drives erratically and occasionally stops the tram to run up and down the isle in his sandles and socks up to his knees. Anyway, the nice tram driver showed me how to drive a tram (I felt like a kid again) and gave me instructions on how to get to Elizabeth St - after I had missed my stop and didn't know where I was going. Needless to say I made it to Elizabeth Street where I found the store I was looking for Australian Outdoors Adventures or something like that, and bought my travel pack, a jacket etc and prepared myself for my trip. I can't believe that I have less than six weeks left before the next part of my adventure begins, but getting very excited about Asia!

Yesterday evening we had a picnic in the park for Marta's birthday and despite being a lovely evening we actually felt chilly - Wow! - something of a miracle for Melbourne as I haven't seen a jumper for weeks (people look at me strangely when I say jersey)! Well I am ashamed to say that I have lost all ability to hold my alcohol (not that I was ever an expert) but after two glasses of wine I was plastered... A lovely evening, despite being rather hazy towards the end but some life coaching got me through.

Lastly Happy Birthday Schiebe! - I will try to get hold of you while you are in Jozi this weekend and happy Sunday shopping all of you - except Craigasorous who hates shopping....And "Oh Brother!" Spell check on Tally's computer is not happening.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

South East Asia here I come…

Well I booked my ticket to Thailand this morning and head off after Easter with Greg! The rough plan at the moment is to spend three weeks exploring the islands and beaches after a few days in Bangkok, and then head up to Chang Mai to see the temples, do a cooking course and explore the jungle. Afterwards I will continue on to Cambodia, seeing Ankor as I continue towards the coast and then to South Vietnam. From the Mekong Delta I will travel up the coast to the North and then across to Laos and the mountains. Finally I will leave Vientiane and head back through north Thailand to fly out of Bangkok in mid July.

I have bought the guide books and some maps and read a new chapter each day on the tram to work. As a result I am spending more and more time planning my holiday and adventures. Greg came to Melbourne this weekend and on Sunday after exploring the sculpture garden and seeing a few exhibitions at the National Gallery we headed off to Richmond for the Lunar Festival and street market. Despite it being incredibly hot, we survived and ate rice pancakes with shrimps, soft shelled crab and delicious beef with star anise grilled in beetle leaves.
I have also booked flights to Tasmania and will spend the Easter weekend driving round the island exploring one of the most beautiful places in Australia (so I have been told) before I head off to Asia

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just another Tuesday evening...with Hot Chip!

Well after an impromtu barbi - my first ever with no fellow South Africans - at Matt and my flat, we headed off to Richmond last Tuesday for a night of crazyness! Hot Chip was amazing and much jumping around and shrieking followed. I even took a video of them but still need to sort out picasa - I need the manager to help me! Only one mad crackhead who jumped on the stage and tried to play with them but he was soon reprimanded. Otherwise busy planning for South East Asia and glad to say the Greg will be joining me for the first leg of the trip.